Tell My people ... "There is one hope for South Africa and the nations in these desperate times, and that hope is a church on Fire with the Holy Spirit!"


What is the Lord doing and what is about to unfold in this nation and the nations of the world? There is a Spirit-driven revolution rising where the living church, made up of Fire-filled believers will rise. A new move of the Holy Spirit that will bring the church of God back to become the Book of Acts church once again, the church made up of people on Fire for God and not of stone and cement.


Our religious efforts and events have been unsuccessful to impact the need of our nation. We need fresh Fire and Anointing to be poured out on all of God's hungry people, from grassroots level. The time for celebrity preachers and celebrity events is over. There is almost no footprint left to mention, besides the one of their own congregations and meetings. The time for entertaining people and immature ministry has come to an end. We need a national impact of the Holy Spirit, and we need God to do what He alone can do and what we can only serve in to facilitate for Him to accomplish.


This is the 29 Vision, and it comes directly from the Father's heart. A Vision where it is no longer about high profile figures, mega churches, entertainment,  or entertaining messages. There is an outcry and a famine for the true and authentic work of the Holy Spirit among His people and in the hearts of His people.


Many are thirsty and starving for a NEW SOUND, a true Heavenly visitation that will not only satisfy their parched spiritual needs, but will also release the miracle Power of God to rise them up to their feet. To bring restoration, healing and breakthroughs in their personal lives.


God is answering this cry and the needs in the 29 Vision.




It is for every believer and every leader hungry for the Spirit of the Lord to be poured out upon our land and in the hearts of God's people.




Why the “29 Vision”? Because it is a prophetic cry of the Holy Spirit for His people to write the next chapter of Acts! Not in their Bibles, but in being the living expression thereof in the earth!


Some may ask, “Still, why use Acts 29 as a reference to the Vision, if Acts has only 28 chapters and if there is no Acts 29 in the Bible?" The answer is, because it is a VISION! And Visions generally do not exist in the realm of the seen, they are to be brought into reality from Heaven to earth! So Acts 29 may very well not exist in writing, but by God’s grace we will come to see a church resembling those who had gone before us, clothed in the Glory of our God, once again to rise in this generation and generations that will follow.


The 29 Vision is about a season of the Glory of God being restored in His people, beginning in 2020 and going beyond.




The Vision will be shared far and wide in preparing the foundation for the outpouring of God's Spirit by means of using all media available, from printed books, DVD's, social media and the Internet, to presenting the Vision in person where invited to do so.


Non-denominational meetings will be hosted around South Africa, where people from all denominations, that are hungry to receive the impartation of God's Spirit ,will gather to be imparted and equipped with what Father shares directly from His Throne.


Non-denominational fellowships of prayer and worship will be encouraged for all to attend as believers, and brothers and sisters in the Spirit, where they may share the Word, worship and pray. These fellowship meetings will not be in competition with any existing denominations. They are no more than times of refreshing for believers to encourage another and for the Holy Spirit to work in people on grassroots level, pools from where everyone can drink and be satisfied.


The Fire of God will be carried into existing denominations; as those who are ignited by the Holy Spirit becomes the living torches of the Spirit!




A living church on Fire for God, where ordinary believers are equipped and activated to become instruments so the Holy Spirit can use to them to reach their neighbours and their immediate community. A Spirit-filled church of believers who are actively engaged by the Holy Spirit, who are able to be sent as His co-workers all across this nation and nations!


The Holy Spirit will restore, heal and uplift God's people to walk in the testimony of His miraculous Power in their lives - The true church is arising in the Power of His Spirit! The true church, across denominational boundaries are uniting in the Spirit and His Power and in the truth, so we may again stand as God's people! A mighty army, raised up in the Power of His Might to put the enemy to flight.




For far too long we have suffered because of simply following our religious beliefs and traditions.


God is breathing upon His people, and His Spirit-Breath will cause us once again to rise in His Power and to be set on our feet as an undefeated church, sovereign, because of His Sovereignty, Mighty because of His Power! Prevalent because He has prevailed!


The time has come for us to realise that God wants to use us, that He is calling on you and me as His living church on earth to rise up against all that would deny or defy Him, and against His will to use ordinary people just like us!


There comes a turning point in every season, a time when people's eyes are Anointed to see, where they break free from the  structures and formalities that kept them captive in service of the visions of men.  Where they enter in to serve the Vision of God!


Such a time has come in South Africa and the nations, we are breaking out of the shell of religion to breathe deeply in the Spirit and to walk with our God!  This time is truly your time and mine to shine His Light. It is He Who does the work, we will cooperate with Him in doings so.


Now allow me to share with you what the Holy Spirit has shared with me and how all of this will come to be ...




The Lord asked me,


"Do you know what My intention with the ACTS 29 Vision is?


What is the purpose of this Vision and why do I desire to see it come into being fulfilled?"


Then He continued to say ...


"THE ACTS 29 VISION is the purest expression of what I had intended for My people to experience as My authentic plan and purpose for them to know when coming together in corporate communion and worship.


It is the Purest expression of My Word. The purest expression in Revelation. The purest in being Scripturally correct. It is Pure in Worship. Pure in the Spirit. Pure in the demonstration of My Power and in the manifestation of My Person and Presence. Pure in signs, wonders & miracles of My Spirit."


He continued, "The very reason for the Vision is to return My people to what I originally had in mind for them. For them to recapture what had been taken from them and what they had lost by religion and compromise. It is the return to the hope of having the future I had destined for them. The hope of their present day and of their tomorrow's being filled with My Presence!"


"It is a return to My will."


The 29 VISION - The Return To our Hope For Today & Tomorrow.


When you read this Vision, read it with the present understanding that it is a Vision, not a new institution, “church” or origination. It serves the entire Body of Christ, it is a call for us to recapture of what has been allocated for us from Heaven, what has been freely given, but as you will come to see, has many times been suffocated by religion and the ideas of men.


It is then also important to understand that we have to identify the wrongs and to consider where we have lost track of God’s ways, in order to identify the right and to choose to allow the Holy Spirit to renew our thoughts and to reorder our ways back into the Heart of the Father.


Nothing that is written in this Vision is written to criticise, or to beat anyone with a stick. That is not the spirit or the intention of this writing and where there is hard realities we have to face and acknowledge, it is necessary for us to face them and to acknowledge what was wrong, so we may embrace what is right.




The Holy Spirit very clearly spoke to my heart and said that a NEW SOUND! will be released on earth in 2020. This NEW SOUND! will be the sound of the restoration of His true and authentic church in the earth. 2020 will be a year of the beginning of the return of the church of Jesus Christ to being the authentic people filled and fired with His Holy Spirit.


There is a great time of jubilation and Blessing that awaits the church of Jesus Christ this coming year. The Holy Spirit is coming back among His people in a Mighty Wave and a Holy Wind from Heaven that is going to cause the church to explode into a new and unknown (in our time at least!) outpouring and dimension of Glory that is going to cause peoples hearts’ to be on fire for God as never before seen in this country and around the world.


It starts in 2020 - The year of the outpouring of God’s Glory!




The Holy Spirit has said that it will come to pass as He will gather His people in corporate meetings from across denominations, and as they will gather, hungry for His Spirit in these meetings, He will pour out His Glory upon them. Great Supernatural signs, wonders and miracles will be witnessed and experienced in these gatherings. Healings, miracles and unusual signs will be the “bread” broken and served from the Presence of the Lord, as great personal encounters with the Holy Spirit will be experienced. The Word will come alive in people and will again become the reality by which they live. Great prophecies (living Words from Heaven to earth) will go forth and some will come into fulfillment within minutes of being spoken inside of the very meetings they were released.


People will leave with the Presence of God and will see the Living Manifestation of the Living God being produced in their lives as great Revelations will come and as they will experience and encounter the miracles of God performed in their own personal lives. They will see the Blessing, favour and the Power of God upon them as His hand rests upon them.


This will all happen because of a fresh Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ within their hearts as the Holy Spirit will break the Word for them to experience in living Revelation as they have never seen or understood it before, and as His Presence will flood their hearts with Love, compassion and fill them with Heaven’s Glory.


This will not happen in the institutionalised organisms as they currently exist, so that no one would be able to claim a doctrinal advantage and so no one would be able to take personal glory for this Heavenly work of the Holy Spirit. It will happen outside of all existing structures, in meetings where all God’s children will gather independantly of affiliation to any specific group or church, to meet with the Holy Spirit and to be filled and satisfied with His Goodness! However, says the Lord - they will all be affected by My move at the end! the full Vision for free ... 29 Vision E-book


2020 and Beyond


The new year holds the promise of God for the unfolding of the 29 Vision in South Africa, and then in the nations of the world. This Vision is there for every believer to take a hold off, and to run with!


My task and that of my team is to spread the Vision wide and far and to be instrumental to ignite that which the Holy Spirit will be pouring out into the hearts of His people.


- We will distributing large quantities of the 29 Vision, in printed format in South Africa.


- We will also making use of social media and the Internet to share the 29 Vision abroad.


- We will be hosting Spirit- Anointed meetings, where the Holy Spirit will work Mightily


among God's people by the outpouring of His Glory in the lives of His people.



- Johann van der Hoven


Become a Vision Carrier in your area and help us to release and announce God's season of restoration across the land.


- Assist us with distributing the Vision material we will provide in your area and get people excited about what God is busy doing in South Africa.


- Assist us with the planning and facilitating of meetings in your area when we travel there. Help us find a suitable venue, distribute invitations to meetings and hand out free DVD's to invite people from across all denominations to come and to experience the wonderful things the Holy Spirit will do for them in these meetings.


- Help us in the meetings and be a part of our ministry team when we are down in your area.


- Form a Visionary team that comes together to pray, praise and worship.


Do one or all of the above to assist us in our mission to see your community being set ablaze with Heaven's Fire! Contact us on the email or number supplied below for more information on getting involved with the 29 Vision.

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