Johann van der Hoven was called into the Lord's service in 1990 and followed the leading of the Holy Spirit into the ministry of evangelism in 1991. The Lord has led Johann on a unique journey where he developed in, and has served, n all five ministry functions through the years.


Johann's primary ministry is that of igniting the Love-Flame of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of people and stirring within them a deep passion and commitment to love, intimately come to know, serve and follow their Heavenly Father as He leads them by His Holy Spirit.


Johann ministers in prophetic Revelation and also teaches apolitically. His ministry is earmarked by an unusual and pure Presence of the Holy Spirit that is tangible in every meeting. Signs, wonders and diverse miracles are also present in meetings as the Holy Spirit operates the diversity of His gifts, as He wills to do so.


Johann is also a published author, who has written a number of Inspired books focused on teaching and inspiring people to press beyond the traditions of religion to come to discover the unknown realms of God's Spirit and to walk in new dimensions of Glory. These books are filled with Revelation received from the heart of the Father and has blessed a great many people around the world who have entered into a new understanding and new dimensions of intimacy with the Holy Spirit.


Johann currently serves as an apostolic missionary, having been commissioned by the Lord to usher a New Season and a New Sound of His Spirit into the Body of Christ worldwide. This New Sound is known as the 29 Vision and it comes as a fresh Wind of the restoring power of God of His people, both in their natural circumstances as well as in their spiritual walk with Him.


The Lord is busy restoring His people on earth to become a victorious people in every aspect of their being, and readying them to be a people burning with His Fire, overflowing with His Love and being radiant with a passion to express His Person. He is doing so in preparing His people to be ready for what will follow these times of restoration - The greatest harvest of souls to be swept into the Kingdom by His Spirit!  He is preparing His house to be a house that will be ready to receive those who will come in, that they may be received by people aflame with His Presence!


The Lord is laying the foundations of this New Season of restoration in 2020, and will continue to unfold the substance of this Vision in the following three years, after which it would have reached the nations in the earth.



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