"If you don't believe that God can do far more than what He has done before, and use you to exceed what has been accomplished previously, no matter your age, ability or personal circumstances at present ,  then YOU DON'T REALLY KNOW  GOD - HE IS ABLE!" - Johann vd Hoven



My story begins in 1991 when the Lord sent me on my first seven day evangelical crusade. The story for us as a family actually began a year earlier, in 1990, when the Lord found a man who was completely and utterly in love with Him and with His Presence, and unexpectedly called that man to come and to walk with Him and serve Him in His Kingdom. That man was me, more than 29 years ago!


For one year the Holy Spirit led me to devour the Word of God as a supernatural hunger consumed my heart, and after that a journey would begin where He would lead me to know Him and to walk with Him in Person in the most unusual way.


But let me pick the story up where I left off, at that first seven day crusade. Unknowing to me at the time, this was the beginning of a walk with God that would impact the rest of my life and my service to Him. This one crusade, my first, would shape the way in which I would minister and walk with God in the most profound way and would set the course for my ministry for the rest of my earthly journey in service to Him.


Here is exactly what happened and how it happened ...


After arriving in the small town of Coldstream, situated in the Tsitsikamma forests of the Garden Route of South Africa, I was introduced to my host and to his home where I would be spending the seven nights for the duration of my crusade. I immediately excused myself since I really wanted to have as much alone time with the Lord as I possibly could have in preparation for my first meeting that evening. I placed my luggage in the room, took my shoes off and went to sit on the bed where I would be praying for the remainder of that afternoon. As I sat on my bed cross-legged, I raised my hands to Heaven and silently began praying. I must have been praying for about thirty minutes, when the Lord Himself suddenly entered the room - in Person! The entire atmosphere in the room changed as every single particle seemed top come alive with His Life and His Power! He came and stood right in front of me. For the next three to four hours I would remain in that position with my hands raised, worshiping Him face to Face!


It would be hard to explain in words what really can only be experienced in the reality of such a Spirit-encounter with Him, suddenly the One I loved was right there in front of me - in Person! I was no longer praying to where He was 'up there', but here He was, in front of me and with me, as wave upon wave of His Love rolled over me and as His Presence Radiated in me.


Finally the pastor arrived who had come to fetch me for the meeting. I quickly changed into my suit and we left for the meeting. As we approached his vehicle I saw the Lord getting into the back seat of his car with us! He was more real to me in Person that the pastor who was driving the car! When we arrived at the meeting, He walked into the meeting ahead of me, I actually drew back when I saw Him so that He could walk in ahead of me. Oh how wonderful to know that HE was there! That evening I ministered a power-filled Word on the Blood of Jesus, with a boldness that rose from my inner-being.


That night after bringing the Word of the Lord, a lady raised her hand and asked whether she could say something. What she was about to say would blow me away. She said that while I was ministering, the Power of God had completely healed her from an ailment that she had suffered with for quite some time. Then another rose to testify to the same thing, and another, who had been healed during the ministry of the Word. This startled me, it was to me, something too wonderful for words. I left with a full heart and could not wait to get back to my room! I wanted to experience again, what I had experienced before I came to the meeting. The following morning I could not wait to get out into the forest, I did not want to see anybody, I had one desire burning inside of me, and that was to be with the Lord, alone in the forest. I spend the whole day there and had even more extraordinary encounters with Him than before! He was so close to me that I could pin point where He was standing.; There were no words exchanged between us, it was sacred - and there  was no need, I knew what He was communicating to me in the Spirit and He knew everything that was pouring out of my heart toward Him - there was a holy hush - just a silent adoration of Him, which lasted for hour upon hour.


That evening I was to minister in a different location. Without my knowledge word had spread about the healings that had occurred in the first meeting, and a farm truck had been sent around the area to collect all who were sick and in need of some kind of miracle. When I arrived at the meeting that evening, I was met by a whole lot of people, all waiting to be ministered too for healing. I said, "Lord help! I have never prayed for the sick before, I do not know how!". He answered me back and said, "Do exactly what you have been doing all day long in the forest - Just keep your eyes on Me and fellowship with Me!"


As I went down the line to pray for people, I saw the Lord standing next to me, and as I placed my hands upon their heads, I would look into His Face and say, "Precious, Precious, Holy Spirit, Oh how I love You Lord, thank you for touching this one"..." Before I could complete the last words people would be struck to the ground. "Falling in the Spirit", back then, was not known in rural communities. Few people had televisions or any kind of exposure to this. Because of this, there were no ushers, because we did not expect anyone to fall down! They fell straight down on a bare cement floor without any "catcher", except for the Lord Himself! As I continued to pray,  and was around halfway down the line, some of those who had fallen down began coming to themselves, one lady shouted, "What on earth am I doing on the floor, I cannot even lay down flat in my bed!". It was later discovered that she had suffered with arthritis in her spine for more than twenty years. One by one they rose, all completely healed!


I left that crusade with so much more than miracles! I had found JESUS! The real LIVING JESUS! And I had discovered how to have real LIVING communion with Him! This would become my "Pearl of great value" that would shape my entire walk and ministry with Him from that time forward!


Many hours would be spent in intimate prayer with Him from that time onwards. In fact, much more time would be spent in His Presence with Him, than would ever be spent in service and in ministry to Him! I have discovered that when we are truly called, this will always be the case!


Father is jealous over His sons and He calls them firstly in service to Him, to be with Him, before He ever sends them to accomplish His will in and through them!


Our ministry is intimacy with Him, before we ever stand before people as a vessel of His Person and His Presence!




The Lord once shared with me why He had led me to come to know Him in such a unique and intimate way -


"I revealed Myself in you and to you at the beginning and you enjoyed Me in the Living Life of My Presence that I shared with you for many years that followed. As time however passed, you found that My Living Presence in you becoming weaved into the way that I would communicate Myself through you to My children by means of using you as My instrument of ministering to them by My Manifest Presence, My Manifest Word and My Manifest Power.


That beautiful relationship you have been experiencing with Me for so many years, was not only for you to only come to know and to experience Me in the reality of My Person.  It was so that I could use you to communicate Myself to My people. So they could hear, see, feel and come to know me in the same way also. So you could become a vessel in whom and through whom I could give expression of Myself, so others may come to know Me as I speak and reveal Myself to them also.


I revealed Myself in you in the way that I did so that you could become broken bread, so My people may feed on Me and be satisfied with Me through you and through your brokenness in Me. I wanted others who were hungry for Me and for My reality to be able to share in your experience with Me and to learn how to come to walk with Me in the same way!"


The Holy Spirit has led me to teach all, that God desires for each of them to have a real, intimate relationship with Him, just as He has shared it with me!


I am so privileged to be able to share this journey and all that God has taught me over the years with those who are hungry to be satisfied with Him. So many are who discover my videos on Youtube and who recognize the authenticity of Jesus in them, contact me and as a result are introduced to all that He has ever taught me in my own walk and relationship with Him.




My ministry was formed from this place of Union with Jesus, and out of the intimacy we shared, and I learned to become no more than His vessel on earth through whom He could give Himself expression for all the world to see and to experience Him.


I will never forget the wonderful things I witness Jesus accomplishing in those very early years. It would teach me so much that I would need to know about His future plans. How I saw Him heal a man in a TB hospitals, shaking as the Power and the Fire of God went through them with rivers of tears streaming down his face as he was healed. How a blind eye received its perfect normal colour as the blind was healed and how the deaf would instantly hear.


One miracle that I certainly will never forget was the day that they carried Ps Potgieter's (who had gone to be with the Lord some years ago) sister into a meeting on a blanket in Humansdorp. He had invited me to do the meetings and his sister had been in a terrible accident that left her paralysed with pain. She was bedridden and could not walk. That night the Power of God fell upon her. The sound of  cracking  bones could be heard as the Holy Spirit put her broken body back together, she rose to her feet and walked out of the meeting with her blanket over her shoulder, completely made whole!




In 1992 the Lord began stirring my heart with revival. I began burning with an inward Fire to see others having the same Living encounter that I had experienced with Jesus! I wanted them to know the Jesus I had come to know, the LIVING JESUS! This passion became a burning zeal when I began to recognise that many of God's children served Him religiously and no more!


This journey led me on a mission of ministering the heart of the Father to those who were hungry to receive Him. In 1993 I had my first experience of true and authentic revival in Cape Town, South Africa, where the Lord sent us to launch a series of meetings in Athlone. I went back to the area 20 years later to find the deaf and dumb still speaking and hearing, the drunkards, still sober and preaching the Gospel, and the possessed still free and serving the Lord!


In 1996 I was privileged to experience my second encounter with authentic revival, this time in Port Elizabeth among the youth, where convicted murderers came to the Lord, who today are fiery evangelists and many were touched by God's Fire. In 1998, at the height of this time of revival, the Lord led me to hand the ministry over to my associate pastor and to step away, He said that the time had not come for the unveiling of what He had caused us to see in those two years of Supernatural Glory. I had been given a glimpse of what would come in this nation and the nations, at His appointed time.


From 1999 to 2009 I went through a time of being personally prepared by the Lord for His coming move in South Africa that was to follow these ten years of being formed and forged in order to be readied to serve in the season ahead.


2010 earmarked our third revival wave which would last for a period of five years. The Lord led me to move with a white tent, throughout the Cape provinces, called "THE MIRACLE TENT". We would experience Supernatural revivals, both in this tent, as well as in halls and open air crusades, until 2015. These meetings were strongly focused on the miracle working Power of God, as we saw and experienced profound documented miracles of healing, deliverance and people being set Ablaze with God's Fire and baptised in the Holy Spirit.

Thousands came to the Lord in a great and Mighty harvest of souls during these five years.


In 2016 I had two more crusades before the Lord drew me away from the revival crusade scene for three years into a time of preparation for His new season.


I was about to be led into a new apostolic mission. These years were primarily times of being prepared for what was to unfold as the Holy Spirit transitioned me into a new realm and season of ministry. During these three years the complete Vision of what God intended to do, as well as what was to be ministered to His Body was being downloaded from His Throne.


In 2017 the Lord gave me a Word that I will again begin to see Mighty revival meetings towards the end of 2019 and beyond.


In November of 2019 - He announced the season of a "New Sound" that would lead His people into knowing Him as never before. An era where the body of Christ would break through into new dimensions of His Glory and be equipped for the last days and where ordinary people will become the body in whom an extraordinary God will be expressed to the world. Today we have entered into this Vision as He unfolds His will in His people in this present season.... read more




When the Lord called me and my family into full time service to Him, we left for the evangelical mission field with no more than our suitcases and a car. At the time there were certain convictions within my heart. One of them was that I never wanted to stand in God's Light, sharing His glory. Some of the others were that we would obey God and allow Him to use us as He willed, where He willed, how He willed and wherever He willed. We would also never ask anyone for a penny. We would trust the Lord for all things and speak to Him only for all our needs. These choices were good choices, but they were to become more than choices, they were to become our lifestyle and our faith - tested, purified and perfected!


It cost us a dear price to whole-heartedly follow the Lord, as it will cost anyone else that price also who truly means business with Him!The first 9 years of our ministry and walk with the Lord was a training ground. We would LEARN to walk by faith and we would LEARN Who God truly is! This school did not involve classes to be taken, but life-lessons to be learned! It is also another story when you and your family are called to serve together and where they have to graduate the school alongside of you.


There are so  many things we can testify to during this period of time in our lives that money could never afford to pay for or to replace. Many times it is in the absence of the material that we encounter the wonders of His Supernatural Power to provide and to make a way where we never could.


I now recall that one such an occasion we had absolutely nothing left to eat in the house. A friend of mine who always visited me on Mondays for a time of fellowship and prayer came to visit. He was used to getting sandwich and a cup of brewed coffee when he came over.  On this morning my wife came to me and said that she only had enough choose, tomato and bread left to make one sandwich and asked me whether she should make it to share or leave it altogether. I told her to serve it to him and told him that I did not feel like a sandwich that morning.


By the time he left my wife had gone and gathered all the one cents, two cents and five cent coins that she could find in the cottage where we were staying and handed me a small brown envelope with R1-35 written on it (the price for a bread in 1992). When my dear wife handed me the envelope I was already at the car and ready to leave, and she asked me if I could at least buy us a bread in town so that we may have something to eat. When I took the envelope from her, a holy anger seemed to rise in me that defied everything that defied everything that packet represented! We needed a MIRACLE from a MIRACLE WORKING God and R1-35 was not the answer to our needs! I had enough fuel in my car to make it to town (at the time we were living about ten kilometers outside of George in the Southern Cape of South Africa), so I could not make it back anyhow, unless the Lord was going to perform an extraordinary miracle for us.


I looked at the envelope and then at her, faith rose up in me like a mighty mountain. I took the envelope and threw it as far and as hard as I could! It exploded against a wall with coins flying everywhere. I looked at my wife and said, my Darling, that is not the God we serve! Don't ever do that again, our God is not a R1-35 God - He is a MIRACLE WORKER! I assured her that God was going to do something extraordinary for us and that I would return with all we needed.


I prayed in tongues all the way to town! Faith had been quickened in my heart. I parked in front of a ATM and got out of my car. Knowing exactly what I had in my account (0.00) and also knowing my account was not known to others who could deposit into it, I pushed the card into the slot and punched in R1000,00 and hit the enter button - the ATM did not hesitate for a moment ... out came R1000,00!!! I took the money and grabbed the receipt and there was another R500-00 in left in the account! To this day I have no idea as to how that R1500-00 landed in my account and no one ever came back to me with a query. THE LORD HIMSELF had deposited the money for us! I went to the supermarket and took my time shopping. Then to the fuel station and filled my car to the brim (R45-00 for a full tank in those days!)


I could not wait to get home. I wanted to see her reaction! I casually drove up to the house and called for her to come and help me. As I opened the boot, filled to the brim, she stood in shock. We had both learned to come to know that OUR GOD IS a MIRACLE WORKER!


There are many of these precious testimonies that I will share with you at a later time.


The point is that we as a family (including our children in the house at that time) had to learn these lessons together. Not always an easy task for a wife and a mother and not always a pleasant experience for the kids, but invaluable lessons learned!


Throughout the years we would face many more years where our commitment and faith in the Lord would be tested and where what we have practically come to learn in those first nine years would be put to the test. In each case our training in life-experience proved to be stronger than any mountain we faced and carried us over to be victorious in His Power!


I am pleased to say through the highs and the lows, the good times and the hard times, and in with many struggles, my wife and my children have stood by me and with God and His will and plan to be placed ABOVE ALL!


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